Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Wonder


art from "little heroes" comic project.

whoa. it's been a while since I last updated this heh

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Superman comic event and comic projects!

" Oh he's still a vegetarian, he wears a canvas jacket. He only wore the leather jacket once, when he went crazy. Which you'll do if you're wearing a leather jacket."

I really should start posting more here.

To resume what I've been doing so far: Since last year's july I'm a lead/concept/character design/cofee maker/ artist (not to brag - every artist here has to do everything) at Techfront, a brazilian casual game developer for multiple platforms, which include pc, Nintendo Ds/Wii, Mac OS/ Iphone. You can see the company portfolio here. Although there's few projects I fully participated already published... I've done backgrounds, interface and skins for some of those showcased there, but I'm the lead artist in a project soon to be released and I'll be sure to post it everywhere when it's out.

As much as I like video games, they're not as big to me right now as they were in my teen years, (yeah, let's pretend i didn't spend sleepless weekend nights on call of duty and assassin's creed recently) so I'm a little sad this kept me away from comics.

I have a few side projects going on: i colaborated with a two story page, a not so happy love story written by Sérgio Chaves, which will be out in a couple of days in Café Espacial's (space coffee) third edition, a brazilian small press-independent magazine, once it's out I'll translate the text to english and post it here. Here are a few character concepts I made for this story:

Also, I'm involved in another project, a colored 10-page story for an anthology of sorts. I'll say more about it when I can :)

Next thursday I'll be at a panel in a celebrative comic event, discussing superman's 70th anniversary and the Brazilian (inexisting) comic market, with other local artists Samuel Casal and Galvão.

It will be small, mostly there'll be superman posters and art exibition, two panels (the other panel will feature artists from São paulo, Ivan reis will be there) followed by portfolio review and autograph session with him and Joe Prado from art&comics. Since in my town everything comic related usually has anime and cosplay involved in it, and this will have NONE, I can't hide that I'm thrilled about this.

Although i have no idea what the fuck I'm going to say in the microphone. I curse like a sailor and I get really nervous cause I'm still a lvl 15 shy geek.

oh well, wish me luck. I'll probably mention Yves Rossy, the flying swiss. He may not be superman exactly but what he does sure require big balls.

Here's a trully beautiful vid (it helps if you're a moby fan)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some shadowline pimpin` and random videos

For those who share an interest in comics, aardvarks, murder mistery solving with a 20`s mob bosses feel to it, you should definetely check this out:


Archibald Saves Christmas, written by DWIGHT L. MACPHERSON (The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo) and illustrated by GRANT BOND.

"I wanted this book to convey how real these characters felt and thought their world is. That their rundown world of black and white is becoming obsolete, color is slowly creeping in and most of them don't like it. Some would even kill to stop it!”

“[Grant] threw the ball on the parquet and we dribbled it up and down the court, passing back and forth until we came up with what we think is a very unique, disturbing and otherwise socially unacceptable book,” says Dwight. “I like to think of it as the bastard son of "Sin City" and "Roger Rabbit."

Shadowline President Jim Valentino adds, “This book is like Tex Avery turned up to 15 on a system that doesn’t go past ten! It is truly one of the most original and entertaining books I’ve ever published!”

ARCHIBALD SAVES CHRISTMAS carries a cover price of $3.50 and is due to hit stores the last week of November.


I'll tell ya the whacky feel of old cartoons really get me... and i love the way archibald looks simplified next to characters like rascal, reminds me of the Maus characters

Also, I was never really sure what and aardvark was so this time I asked god about it. I guessed it right, its africa's naked tamanduá. I used to live in a tamanduá way of life once, but that's another story...

anyways, congrats to Dwight and Grant for coming up with something so weird and lovely, and I must say i`m already sad it`s only a one shot.

Random stuff:

Personalized converses from argentina , I want one! actually, I should do one. I have a pair of red ones with the tips pencil-personalized, which is really cheap. I guess i would need some kickass expensive markers to do something decent... maybe ill give it a shot.

my official pimp Boo² came up with this really cute video from chemical brothers, which happens to be great for both sober and high trips:

and for the ladies enjoyment, the skating cowboys.

Ice skating always ranked high on my list of tacky tight assed sports like golf or ballet, but this video makes me wanna take lessons myself because it looks like so godamn FUN!

(Also I'm buying my man the skates and the hat pronto..)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mike Wieringo

The comic world suffered a great loss this week...
It really striked me down, even though I never followed up his marvel stuff or even Tellos, I can say Mike's work always seemed pretty 'affective' or 'cuddly' to me. Like my friend Felipe said, he was the guy that new how to draw super heroes in the most charismatic way... and now he's gone.

Then I got to read some of the testimonials people are posting all over websites, foruns and blogs, and it just put it all in perspective.
Mike was one of the coolest, humblest (thats not a word), simple and affective person and professional in comics, and he will be terribly missed by everybody who ever knew him or his work. Damn, I never got to know the guy and I miss him even.

But like I said, it put things in perspective.

Even though I've been heavy hearted this whole week from the knews about Mike, right now I'm glad because I'm returning home for the weekend with 2 baskets full of wine, sweets and spices and other goodies as a late father's day gift, both for my real dad and my 'adoptive' dad from the kung-fu classes I used to attend, ( and hopefully will return to)

They're both gonna say it's too much, my dad is gonna be pissed because I shouldn't be spending money, yadda yadda yadda but it will be so worth it just seeing their faces the very moment they receive the gifts.

Yeah, I'm really glad about it.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

And since I was talking big bosses...

Image Creators Panel on San Diego Comic Con 2007

Really cool!

Hope next SDCC I'm rich enough to pay for the trip...

it's madness in every direction!

I think I'm still not quite aware of what's happening here. I've been giving interviews for brazilian and international websites and local newspapapers. I've been receiving so many emails I don't have the time to answer them properly... all about
In Her darkest hour being in stores the next wednesday, August 8!

It's finally happening! I'm kickstarting my carrer in the comic world and I'm not aiming low. I'm being published! By Shadowline of almighty Jim Valentino himself! CHEESUS!

l to r - Jim Valentino, Arvid Nelson,
Jason Rand, Kristen Simon

Those 2 people in the corners are responsible for half the mess my life is in right now. It's the good half!

I'm still to find a picture of Jimmie Robinson, the guy who actually found my page in comicspace. It's a little weird that I have never seen his face :(

It's all so surreal. I wish my life was a little more stable right now. I know I'm not answering mails and blogging and wandering around the foruns much, but that's not because I'm absent or I don't care. I'm having a bunch of technical problems right now which I really wish they could be solved easily, but they're not. And some of them are too personal or to technical to explain...Right now I'm worried about almost all the people who matters most in my life, and I have to focus on my job and not getting sick about it. Bear with me for a while people, please! At least now I have money, I'll get an internet connection at home ASAP. I don't even have a phone there, if my cell dies I die. Almost.

For those who missed it, Ryan Mclelland interviewed me at newsarama.
I wanna thank Ryan again for being a cool dude, doing a great job and supporting me. So thanks Ryan ;)

And Kris and Jim, and all the Shadowline crew if they're reading it. I'll try to say something in the foruns afterwards if I have the time!

And please,

get me some news soon.

that's it for now folks!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Getting Started with Fer 1.0

The layout is still a mess, but let's get this party started.

Welcome to my blog, this is my first post bla blah blah, I'll be posting comic work, random artwork, peta newsletters, low-cal meal recipes, whatever shit comes to mind, but mainly art.

To begin with, here are the previews for In Her Darkest Hour, my first big break in the comic industry, it's due in august through
Shadowline Comics, which happens to be Jim Valentino's studio at Image Comics.

How did I got so lucky? Well there's this comic Myspace web community called comicspace (DUH!) and Jimmie Robinson from Bomb Queen saw my stuff there and snitched me to Jim and Kris. It's all rollercoaster WEEEEEEEEEEEEE since then. I mean, Jim and Kris "Editor Girl" Simon have been nothing but good vibes to me and I'm learning a lot about how the whole thing works, yadda yadda.

Release text follows:

"Fernanda delves into the darkest reaches of human emotions, and puts them on the page with an eloquence and visual polish well beyond her years," says Shadowline chief Jim Valentino. "IN HER DARKEST HOUR immediately impressed me with its honesty and gut wrenching power -- it's one of the finest debuts I've ever seen."

Click on the ugly pictures to make them bigger.

I've been sick, I've been moving, I'm outta internet at home, everything that could happen to make this book difficult to finish happened, but it's finished! Thanks to Jim, Kris, and Dave Rothe, who did the lettering.
And me!

Before you close the window take a look at
Top 10 Ugliest Men in Heavy Metal
. MEN, not women?? that's news...

d-_-b Rage Against the Machine - Bombtrack